Who Am I?


When people ask me what I do for a living, I sometimes say:

"I'm an artist."

What I really want to say is:

"I eat, sleep, and breath art."

But what I really, really, really want to say is:

"I spend every waking moment scouring the art scene just to understand the good, bad and the ugly. I mull over projects and ideas staring at my laptop 'till my eyes cross. I create art while binge watching Netflix and breaking sound barriers with Pandora radio stations. I get my best ideas over eye watering spicy foods. I know the more art I see the happier I'll be. I love my job!"

Quirky? Yes! But...

When it comes to art, I'm the real deal!

Art is my first love. I use technology and new media to share that love.

The truth is, I have spent more than a decade wondering why great art and art lovers have such a hard time connecting - and how I can help bridge that gap.  The art world is a multi-faceted, confusing, and unpredictable scene.  Artists and other creatives don't always speak the same language as art lovers and supporters - and they don't always hang out in the same place.

Often, creatives become discouraged and art lovers remain unaware of quality work and talent due to a simple lack of information.

While some may feel that this is the norm, it certainly isn't the rule.

I believe all art thrives in front of the right audience.

Unfortunately, too often, never the two shall meet.


When someones asks me what I do for a living the accurate answer would be:

"I use my love of technology to place amazing art in front of its most appreciative audience."


I am Pam Renovato owner of Art Evolved, LLC. and as you've probably guessed, art is what I do!

"Art Evolved, LLC. is a forward-thinking, Kansas company that places art in front of its most appreciative audience - and teaches others to do the same."

I have more than two decades of art gallery experience. I have worked in and with galleries in the Midwest and Southwest as art director, curator, talent scout and gallery manager. As an active player in the art community, online and offline, I have served on multiple art committees as chair and as a member, curated corporate and private art collections.

I have collectors in South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Washington, and California and have sold work in Australia, The United Kingdom, Italy, and the Philippines.

As a web developer and web marketing professional, I've worked with International Design Group, Edgehouse Media, Greyscale Marketing, Gallery Today, and numerous individual artists and creatives across the country. I've consulted and assisted them with design and development, branding and voice, and social media and email marketing.

I walk my talk.

I could provide a lengthy and detailed resume but the fact is the critical credential that best serves my clients and projects is this:

Art is What I do!

...and technology is how I do it.

I currently serve over 5,000 people with insider perspectives and project assistance based on my experience as an Art World Professional.

When I am not working on Art Evolved projects I have many other interests. If you absolutely want to know more about me, keep reading...

(I'll get a little personal and spill a few quirky secrets.)

Pam Renovato

  1. Has a Labrador /Sheppard named LiqWidPuppy
  2. Officiates Roller Derby
  3. Can sing and read at the same time
  4. Practices the Kwan Um school of Zen
  5. Loves classic rock and wants to be Joan Jett when she grows up.
  6. Is a podcast junkie
  7. Is a computer geek: Is a  web developer and graphic designer and creates video and motion graphics
  8. Idolizes Xena: Warrior Princess
  9. Is also a stone sculptor
  10. Drove an ice cream truck, managed multiple pizza joints, and worked as an auto body technician and landscaper in the early stages of her art career

Most importantly, I believe that professionalism and authenticity go hand-in-hand to create a marriage between a strong work ethic and passion for your work. I work hard and enjoy what I do. So, too, do the clients and partners I choose.


I am living proof that with a little desire, a little determination, and a lot of passion you can live the life that you choose. I look forward to working with you.


Whoa! Hit the brakes! You've reached the bottom. This ride may be over but another is just beginning. Not sure what to do next?

Find out how to work with me!