7 tips to choose art for your home

Choosing art for your home might be scary but anyone can master this skill. The key is to decorate your space with unique art. Your space is an expression of you. Your space is personal so it should contain quality art that you love.

Unique art is the only way to differentiate your space from the look of other spaces. Art has energy and sophistication: all of the elegant spaces in magazine have unique art on the wall.

An art consultant or interior designer can help you choose the right unique pieces. But if you’re on your own, the best place to start looking is locally. Finding unique art from local artists isn’t expensive.

Choose art for your home with these seven tips:

  1. You have to love it: Some art has the potential to rise in value, but that shouldn’t be why you choose any piece. Art is for you so it should be personal. Choose pieces that you will enjoy seeing every day.
  2. Size matters: Are you choosing art for a specific wall or space? Take measurements so you have a good idea of the space to fill. Knowing the dimensions will help you envision the art in that space before you purchase; you’ll be able to envision the art in that space.
  3. Choose diverse art mediums: The right art isn’t always a painting. 3-dimensional work will add depth to a space while 2-dimensional pieces will add color. Sometimes, however, the reverse is also true. In any case, art affects the depth, color, and texture of any space. Choose the medium or style that will add qualities that enhance your space.
  4. What’s the subject?: Each of the elements, color, line, etc. interacts visually with the elements in your space. Do the curved lines in the work compliment or work against the lines in your mirror? Does the subject matter reflect the mood of the room? Example: A woodsy theme may be more appropriate for the den than for the playroom. Consider the subject, mood, shape, texture, and color of the work and then decide if it’s appropriate.
  5. Look at a lot of work:  Quality, unique art is everywhere. Local artists frequently display in coffee shops, restaurant, doctor’s offices and businesses. A gallery is not the only place to fine great art. Extend your awareness to the art in places where you spend time. Join the mailing lists of galleries and studios to attend art openings. You’d be surprised at the art that already surround you.
  6. Where is the area of focus?: Every space has a focal point. There may even be more than one area that draws attention. Are you choosing art that will highlight a certain area? Art can act as a compliment or it can define the entire space. What’s the intention of the piece? What purpose will it serve in the room?
  7. Be flexible: Although I’ve discussed art complimenting the room, a contradiction can also make an impressive statement. Think outside the box. Going against every rule may be the exact right thing to do to pull your space together.


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